The Maasin River Palm Tree Swing on Siargao Island, Philippines

Located just a short drive from Siargao’s famous Cloud 9 surfing spot is another epic place on the island. The Maasin River palm tree swing has recently become one of the most popular adventure spots on the island due to its perfectly placed palm tree that juts out directly over the river.

The locals have set up a fun swinging rope where you can try your hand at being Tarzan for the day! And don’t worry, there are carved out foot holds to help you climb up and the locals will be there to assist you every step of the way!

Swinging from the coconut palm tree was one of the highlights during our visit to Siargao Island and below you will find everything you need to know to plan your own visit!

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Girl in a bamboo boat on the Maasin River in Siargao Island in the Philippines


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What to Do at the Maasin River

The Maasin River became popular when images of locals swinging from an idyllic coconut palm over a turquoise river started circling the internet. Since then, the river has been a hot spot for anyone visiting the island. 

While there isn’t that much to do here, the real highlight is taking your turn grabbing onto the rope and flinging yourself off the tree and into the river. The water is a bit chilly but totally worth it for the fun! 

Guy swinging from the rope on the coconut tree at the Maasin River on Siargao Island

You can also take a canoe, with a guide, down the river to a secret blue lagoon. We did not do this as it cost 500 PHP ($10 USD). 

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Entrance Fee and other costs

The entrance fee is 20 PHP ($0.40 USD) per person. You will also have to pay 20 PHP ($0.40 USD) per person to take photos on the bamboo raft. To use the swing you can make a donation to the locals who will help you up and show you how to properly manage the swing!

Girl sitting on a rock in the Maasin River watching people swing from the coconut tree on Siargao Island in the Philippines

If you want to use the local bamboo boat you will have to pre-arrange it from the day before. They charged us 200 PHP ($4 USD) to use the boat for around 20 minutes and we had to show up there at 5:30 AM. Apparently the bamboo fishing boats are not allowed to be used so we had to do it before any crowds started to show up.

Girl in a bamboo fishing boat on the Maasin River on Siargao Island, PhilippinesI’m not sure the reason why these boats aren’t allowed but we were happy to have been able to use it! If you want to do the same be sure to talk to the people working the ticket booth and they should be able to set it up. 

When is the Best Time to Visit the Maasin River

The best time of day to visit is early in the morning. We arrived at 5:30 AM to take the photos with the boat but the locals weren’t out there at that time managing the swing. The day prior we arrived around 7:30-8:00 AM and there were only a few other people there! It started to get crowded around 9 AM. 

The Maasin River on Siargao Island in the Philippines

The best time of year to visit Siargao is from March to mid- November. This is the dry season and you will experience the least amount of rain. However, we were there in the dry season in October and still had one day where it rained for about 45 minutes in the morning. The monsoon season or wet season is from late November to February.

Where is the Maasin River Located

The Maasin River is located on the island of Siargao about a 25 minute drive from General Luna in the small town of Maasin. You will drive past some of the most beautiful coconut palm tree lined roads and even pass the famous coconut farm where you will see hundreds of trees grouped together.  On your GPS the swing will be called Baliko. 

Drone shot of the Maasin River in Siargao Island in the Philippines

How to Get to the Maasin River & Where to Park

The Maasin River is easily accessible and is best reached by driving along the main road called the Siargao Circumferential Road. 

Girl sitting in a bamboo boat on the Maasin River in Siargao To reach the swing you will type Maasin Bridge into your GPS and drive just over the bridge. Immediately after the bridge you will find a motorbike parking area. From there walk back to the bridge and go down the steps to the left where you will find the ticket booth under the bridge. After paying you will walk underneath the bridge and see the coconut tree with the swing!

Other Places to Visit Nearby

The Coconut Farm

If you are driving north from  General Luna you will pass the Coconut Farm on your way to the Maasin River Bridge. From the Coconut Farm it will be another 2 minutes until you reach the Maasin Bridge and only 1 minute from the coconut lined road. 

Girl standing in front of the coconut farm on the main road in Siargao Island, Philippines The Coconut Farm is free to see and you can park anywhere along the main road just make sure you are out of the way of traffic. There will be children that run up to you at full speed selling bamboo straws so don’t be alarmed. There are also a few vendors selling drinks and snacks alongside the road as well.

To reach the Coconut Farm you can type Coconut Trees View Deck into your GPS. Or just follow the road to the Maasin River and you’ll see it!

A cluster of coconut palm trees on Siargao Island in the PhilippinesGood to Know: You will most likely have no cell service at this location on the island so it is best to put your end destination into your GPS just in case you can’t get connected. Many of the stops are all located along the same road and you can see signs from the road. Except for the Maasin River, we didn’t see any signage for that. 

The Coconut Tree Lined Road

Just past the Coconut Farm and right before the Maasin River Bridge is the famous coconut tree-lined road. You’ve probably seen pictures of this all over Instagram! We had no idea where this road actually was but luckily we discovered it on our last day. You can type Coconut selfie v1 into your GPS to easily find it. However, you’ll also just drive right through it on your way to the Maasin River! 

The main road in Siargao Island, Philippines that is lined with coconut palm treesTip: You can fly your drone all over the Philippines and this spot looks exceptionally incredible from an aerial view! 

Have you been to the Philippines or Siargao Island yet?


Guy swinging from the coconut tree at the Maasin River Swing in Siargao Island


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