The Taj Mahal Sunset Spot: A Detailed Guide to Finding This Secret Viewpoint

It’s no secret that many visitors travel to India to witness the beauty of the Taj Mahal. The stunning details and intricate designs in the marble are definitely something that you’ll want to see up close.

However, if you plan it just right you can visit the Taj Mahal for sunrise and then seek out this secret spot for sunset to get all the best views of this beauty.

How to Find the Secret Sunset Spot to View the Taj Mahal

We had seen many pictures of this special location from some of our favorite Instagram feeds. So naturally, I added it to my list of locations that we needed to view the Taj Mahal.

There were a few tips on how to reach this location but so many people had used a local guide or photographer to take them there. We didn’t have a guide and were intent on discovering this place by ourselves.

The Secret Sunset Spot to see the Taj Mahal

I had an idea as to where it was generally located on a map but not exactly sure how to get there. We made some wrong turns, got lost, ended up getting followed by a group of children and trudged through some hefty mounds of dirt.

But we found it eventually and it was SO WORTH IT!


How to Find the Secret Sunset Spot to See the Taj Mahal: A Very Detailed Guide| This World Traveled

Luckily for you I’m going to include all the details so that you can find this secret spot to see the Taj Mahal for yourself!

How To Get There

Depending on where you are staying in Agra you want to first make your way toward the East Gate entrance. Its best to take either an UBER or a Rickshaw but once they get to a certain point they are not allowed to enter.

You will be dropped off about a half mile from the booking counter on the East Gate for the Taj Mahal entrance. Here you can easily walk the rest of the way in.

Another option is to have your driver drop you off just a before this point at this location in the picture. Here you can pay 10 rupees per person to have this little buggy take you almost all the way to the booking counter and save yourself the walk.

For 10 rp you can take this buggy closer to the entrance of the Taj Mahal

From there walk past the booking counter until the end of Taj East Gate Road and take a right.

Take a right at the end of this road.You will now be on Dashehara Ghat Road. This road will take you along side of the Taj which will be on your left.

You will now be on Dashehara Ghat Road.Eventually you will come to a fork in the road and you will go to the right to continue on Dashehara Ghat Road.

At this fork in the road, go right to continue along Dashehara Ghat Road

Now this is where you will need to pay attention.

You will continue down this road about a half mile, maybe less. The dirt road will continue around towards the right but this is where you want to go left!

Turn left at this dirt fork in the roadI know, I know, it doesn’t look right. But trust me, it is!

And don’t worry, if you miss this turn like we did there is another way. A bit more interesting but it will still get you there! Also, be sure to walk along side the road as there will be many motorbikes wizzing by.

So, if you walked right by the first left turn keep walking until you reach this spot in the picture.

Keep walking through here to find your left hand turn.Do you see that large rock structure on the left? Good, keep walking through the colorful buildings until you reach the spot in the next picture and turn left. Walk in between the blue structure and the home.

Be careful where you step or your walk will become a bit unpleasant.

Take a left at this structure and watch your stepAfter you walk through this spot you will see that large rock formation on your left. Keep walking straight. On your right you will walk past a small cemetery.

The large rock formation you will see on your leftThe path to reach the secret spot to see the Taj MahalYou’re almost there! As you continue to walk straight you will start to see the Taj Mahal in front of you. This is a very good sign! Follow the path around and you will eventually see the structure you’ve been looking for and the gate to enter through.

Almost to the secret spot to see the Taj

There are quite a few people at the entrance gate so you’ll know you’ve made it. With the increased popularity of this spot, they are now charging a fee for tourists to enter. Luckily, it’s only 50 rupees per person (0.72 USD).

The Secret Sunset Spot to see the Taj Mahal

We arrived about an hour before sunset and had the whole place to ourselves. Just as we were leaving a guide with a group of people showed up.

So while we weren’t there to watch the sun set all the way, it was worth showing up a bit early to beat the crowds! Fortunately, there is no time restriction and you can stay for as long as you’d like.

The Secret Sunset Spot to see the Taj Mahal

Tips for Visiting:

  • It costs 50 rp per person to enter
  • Visit just before sunset to beat the crowds and leave before it gets dark so you don’t get lost
  • GPS Coordinates are 27.1770576, 78.0462014
  • Bring a tripod to get the best shots!
  • Wear close toed shoes for the walk, you can go barefoot at the location


How to Find the Secret Sunset Spot to See the Taj Mahal: A Very Detailed Guide| This World Traveled



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