An Outdoor Lovers Guide to Exploring the Faroe Islands

During our few days in the Faroe Islands we spent all of our time on the islands of Vágar, Streymoy and Mykines. Flying in from Norway we arrived to blue skies at the Vága Floghavn airport in the town of Sørvágur during mid-morning.

The Faroe Islands is a beautiful and quiet destination, perfect for any outdoor lover!The airport was one of the smallest we’ve been to and since we arranged the car rental through Unicar prior to our arrival, pick-up was a breeze. Doors unlocked and keys in the glove compartment, we drove out of the parking lot and headed straight for Gásadalur waterfall.

Gásadalur Waterfall

Located on the west side of the island Vágar, the Gásadalur waterfall is easily reached by car. Leaving the airport we headed west, stopping many times along the way to admire and photograph the spectacular views.

The Faroe Islands are filled with so many stunning viewsWe reached our destination and parked the car alongside the road. From there we set out on foot, walking the short distance to reach the waterfall. Cascading over the edge of the cliff with the tiny village of Gásadalur in the distance, it was easy to see why the waterfall is an icon to the Faroe Islands.

The Gásadalur waterfall is one of most photographed places in the Faroe IslandsAfter exploring the Gásadalur waterfall and the surrounding area we headed back in the direction of our apartment in Miðvágur to drop off our bags.

Sørvágsvatn Lake

Our next stop on this abnormally sunny day was to hike the length of Sørvágsvatn lake.

Sørvágsvatn lake is the largest one in the Faroe IslandsInitially seen from the sky on our flight in, Sørvágsvatn lake or Leitisvatn, is the largest in the Faroe Islands. Located on Vágar Island and covering quite a large area the lake stretches a distance of 6 km towards the high cliffs at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean. We found a small area to park our car directly opposite some small turf houses. Leaving the main road we passed through the small cattle gate and continued to use the lake as our guide as we walked along the waters edge.

The hike to Bøsdalafossur waterfall offers stunning views along the way

Nearing the end of the hike we could hear the flowing waters dumping over the edge into the ocean below. Climbing up onto the cliffs, we sat along the edge and watched in awe as the mighty Bøsdalafossur waterfall poured over the cliff.

Bøsdalafossur waterfall cascades directly off of the island and down into the ocean

I imagine that the waterfall is quite an impressive sight from sea level but we were still blown away by the beauty of the falls from where we were standing.


Just up the road from where we were staying in Miðvágur was the small village of Sandavágur. On our way back from our tour with the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs we decided to make a quick stop to check out the tiny town and photograph its distinctly unique red-roofed church.

The famous red roofed church in the small village of Sandavágur

Built back in 1917, the real highlight of this church, besides its adorable appearance, is the runestone inside.

The real highlight of this church, besides its adorable appearance, is the runestone inside.Supposedly, the inscription on the stone dates back to the 13th century and basically states that the Norwegian man  Torkil Onandarson from Rogaland was the first settler here.


Located on the Northwestern part of Streymoy, the Vestmannabjørgini (Vestmanna bird cliffs) are only reachable by a boat excursion. Unfortunately, we realized this after we had set out to find the hiking trail with no luck, only to be informed by some locals that the only way is by boat.

The Vestmanna bird cliffs in the Faroe Islands are only reachable by boat.With our new found knowledge we took to the internet to book our excursion for the following day. The guided tour departed in the afternoon from the Vestmanna Tourist Center. We boarded the boat with our fellow adventurers. We were each given a helmet (for protection from potential falling rocks, of course). Then we snagged a seat in the inside due to the rain.

For the excursion to the Vestmanna bird cliffs you are given a hard hat to wear when you are outside on the deck.It wasn’t long before we arrived at the sky-high cliffs where thousands of seabirds nest. The magnificent cliffs, carved out by nature, rise around 700 meters from the sea and seemingly disappear into the sky above.

The sky high cliffs at Vestmanna seemingly rise out from the sea. The skilled captain sailed with ease through the narrow grottos and towering cliffs. It was a lot of fun to watch the seabirds. But honestly, I think i spent most of the journey in awe of these massive and incredibly impressive cliffs. If you are visiting the Faroe Islands a trip to the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs should absolutely be in your travel plans.

Where to Stay

For the duration of our time in the Faroe Islands we stayed at the lovely Pakkhúsid Apartments located in Miðvágur on Vágar Island.

Pakkhusid apartments was a great accommodation in the Faroe IslandsThe large apartment was equipped with a full kitchen, free parking and a washing machine and dryer (which we were so thankful for!) The view from the apartment was absolutely the best part of this family run accommodation.

We had a beautiful view just outside our apartment in the Faroe Islands


How to Get There

We flew Widerøe direct from Bergen, Norway to the Vágar Airport in the Faroe Islands. The airport is small and easy to navigate once you arrive.

Beautiful small villages are everywhere in the Faroe IslandsWe pre-booked our rental car with Unicar. Their customer service is excellent, as well as their pick up and drop off procedures.


The only outdoor adventure guide you need for the Faroe Islands! Find out where to find the best waterfalls and see all the amazing birds!

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