Staying on a Houseboat Along Amsterdam’s Amstel River Canal

Houseboats in Amsterdam are just as iconic as the canals and bicycles. Staying on one during a visit to Amsterdam is a great way to change things up and experience something new.

Our perfect houseboat located on the Amstel River in Amsterdam

We’ve been to Amsterdam a few times before so for this last visit we wanted to stay somewhere special. We found Amsterdam Book Now, a company that provides visitors to Amsterdam the chance to stay in one of their quintessential houseboats. Booking with Amsterdam Book Now is easy. Myra, the owner is responsive, friendly and passionate about the houseboats.  The houseboat we stayed on is divided into two sections, the smaller room near the stern and the larger room near the bow.

The interior of our room in the Amsterdam Book Now houseboatWe stayed in the smaller room in the back. When we opened the hatch and descended down the metal stairs we were immediately impressed by the cozy space. House boats, like all boats, must make an efficient use of the small area available. For example, there was a large bed (berth) tucked under the rear (stern) and another one pressed against the wall but it felt very spacious. The houseboat has a fully equipped kitchen (galley) with drinkable tap water, lightning fast wifi and a modern bathroom (head). Our lovely host, Barbara, gave us a tour of the larger portion of the houseboat, also.

The open interior of the large side of the Amsterdam Book Now houseboatImmediately after stepping through the door to enter the larger room I was blown away with how big the space was. To my immediate right was a door that led into a spacious bathroom complete with a relaxation tub. Walking further into the room there was a dining room table and a larger kitchen. Up a few stairs and back down will bring you to the secluded bedroom in what is the bow of the boat.

The cozy master suite in the Amsterdam Book Now houseboatThe entire houseboat is decorated with a mix of modern pieces combined with eclectic antiques making the space as unique as the boat.

The eclectic interior of the large portion of the houseboat in AmsterdamThe interior of the large room in the Amsterdam houseboat

The beds were comfortable and even with a considerable amount of wind and rain that particular weekend (enough to turn an umbrella inside out), we slept snuggled in our bed with no discernible rocking on the canal.

The incredible views from our porthole window in our Amsterdam houseboat

The views through the port holes in our room and the large windows in the adjacent, more spacious room offer a view of Amsterdam’s postcard worthy canals.

View of the Amsterdam canals from the large section of the houseboatDespite the rainy weather, the view of the skinny bridge from the houseboat is picture perfectAmsterdam is a unique city with its own mystique. Staying on the canal immerses you in the environment and you feel less like a visitor and more (if only temporarily) a part of the city itself.

Our houseboat parked along the Amstel river

Parked on the Amstel River directly next to Amsterdam’s leaning row houses and the famous Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) we were only blocks from a large amount of delicious eateries and happening bars.

View of the skinny bridge from our houseboat in AmsterdamAmsterdam is an easily walkable destination and our location along the Amstel canal was perfect for exploring all of Amsterdam’s popular spots.

From the airport, the location is just a quick metro ride from the central train station and a short two block walk from Waterlooplein metro stop.  The houseboat we stayed on was surprisingly easy to find, though we had to walk over the deck of one boat to reach the other as they’re “double-parked”.  The walkways along the houseboat are slightly narrow so just be sure to walk slowly along the edges while carrying your luggage.

We loved our stay in our cozy Bed & Breakfast Houseboat in Amsterdam! To book your stay in one of these iconic houseboats visit Amsterdam Book Now and make your dreams a reality!

The extra bed in the Amsterdam Book Now houseboat

Thank you to Amsterdam Book Now for discounting our stay in their cozy houseboat during our visit to Amsterdam. As always, all opinions regarding our stay are completely are own. 

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