Playing with lemurs on Lemur Island in Madagascar

Rule #1: If you’re going to an island full of lemurs, you bring bananas! And lots of them!

Red-fronted Brown lemur hanging out on the end of our canoeLocated adjacent to Vakona Lodge, near the Andasibe-Mantadia Nat’l Park, exists a little gem for the animal lover: Lemur Island.

The Black-and-white Ruffed lemur is shyer than the other lemurs and would sit watching us on this logLemur Island is filled with curious and sweet lemurs that are ready to eat bananasAs the name implies, Lemur Island is the home of lemurs…and there are a lot of lemurs.

Red-fronted Brown lemurs licking their paws after their banana snacksThis cute little red-fronted brown lemur hanging out on Lemur Island in MadagascarMy favorite is the ring-tailed lemur with their fun striped tail!We were pleasantly surprised.  After we arrived we were greeted by friendly boat-men and were taken in 2-3 person canoes on a short boat ride around the small island.

Taking the canoe around lemur island to visit all the adorable resident lemursAs we slowly rowed passed each shore the boat man whistled a call to alert the lemurs that banana wielding tourists were ready to feed them.

Black-and-white ruffed lemurLemur IslandThe lemurs crawled and swung down from the trees and bounded past the reeds and tall grass to greet us and climb onto our canoe.

Ring-tailed LemurRing-tailed Lemur

Ring-tailed LemurRing-tailed LemurWe’d like to think the Lemurs were friendly creatures just there to greet us and receive pets but it quickly became apparent they were only interested in bananas.

Ring-tailed LemurLemur IslandLemur Island

We actually enjoyed the small furry primates pulling on our arms and climbing all over us to get at the small pieces of bananas our boat-men handed to us.

Lemur Island The lemurs ate the fruit out of our hands.

Lemur Island They were actually quite gentle–they have small short finger nails on soft, padded feet and it was fun having them sit on our shoulder.

Lemur IslandLemur IslandRed-fronted Brown LemurAt the end of our boat ride we were taken back to the other side of the island where even more bold and friendly lemurs resided.

Lemur IslandLemur Island

We were lucky enough to meet and interact with:

the Ring-tailed Lemur

Lemur Island

Red-fronted Brown Lemur

Lemur Island

Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur

Lemur Island

the Bamboo Lemur

Lemur Island

and the Diademed Sifika (who was a little shy)

Lemur IslandLemur Island is a treasure and animal lovers will really enjoy it.

Ring-tailed LemurBlack-and-white ruffed lemurIt should be mentioned that these beautiful creatures seem to be treated well.

Lemur IslandLemur IslandThere are no fences on the island and with a steady stream of banana wielding tourists visiting them daily we felt confident they were happy.

Grey Bamboo LemurLemur Island

There are two fees to explore Lemur Island:

10,000 MGA (about €3) per person for the short boat ride to the island that you can walk around.

20,000 MGA (about €6) per person for the longer boat ride around the island where you will get to interact with the ring-tailed lemur.

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  • 😍😍😍😍amazing!! How did you find Madagascar? I fancy it a loooott,but I’ve heard different opinions ab it, that is not safe( you can be robbed, maybe worse) at all to explore it, walk around without guide etc. If you could help me with some info, I w appreciate a lot. You’re doing such wonderful things and we so grateful you share your experiences with all of us. Cheers!

    • Hi Ana! We absolutely fell in love with Madagascar! There are definitely some challenges with getting around as the roads need some improvement. However, the wildlife is spectacular and the lemurs are just as playful and fluffy as you’d expect! The landscape is beautiful and the locals are friendly, especially the children! It is worth going if you are thinking about it!